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del Sole | Our Story

Our Story

The Terra del Sole artisan company is located near the sea, on the easter slope of the Mount Etna, in the province of Catania. The core of our company is constituted by an old farm building on an ancient olive and citrus grove, erected at the beginning of the 20th century.


The building was then repurposed to the creation of floors, terracotta pavements, majolica and typical hand – made ornaments, inspired of the ancient Sicilian tradition. Nuccio Saglimbene and Agata Scuderi, who truly believe in the project, are the founders of the company. Nuccio, sided by his wife, Agata, is engaged with the interior design and furniture, along with the restoration and reuse of old farmhouses and farm buildings.


Nuccio’s thirty years experience in the field has been gained thanks to the lasting professional collaboration with “Artigianato del Sole”, by the master potter Franco Bentivegna.


The company logo is inspired of Agata’s classical studies influence, that led her to link the initials of her children, Giuseppe and Emmanuele, to the meaning of the logo letters in ancient Greek. The term Γῆ, central in the logo, means “land”.


According to Sicilian culture, land is naturally linked to “SUN”, represented in the logo by the “S”, as the initial letter of the family name. That is where Terra del Sole (Land of the Sun) derives its name from. Terra del Sole’s manifactures are unique, as they follow the rules of the ancient Sicilian craft. Both ceramic tiles decorations and the materials used in the restoration process, are the result of a constant search of Sicilian customs, traditions, but also local culture and territory. A meticulous research work to rediscover the feelings of the Sicilian soul that translates into valuable artifacts.
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