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cg, a1, Terra del Sole | Our Artisans

Our Artisans

Our master craftsmen, Luca Sciacca and Salvo Barbarino create magic: through a mixture of creativity and manual skill, they can make a wonderful creation out of a simple lump of clay.
Think of the decoration of an old tile becoming the central element of flooring or wall coating. Terra del Sole production is not limited to ceramics: every raw product can turn into a masterpiece, thanks to our master craftsmen.
Sculptors, loscksmiths, carpenters: their experience and perfect mastering of the ancient Sicilian process techniques, make every hand – made item simply perfect.
Through different decorating techniques, every work differes from one another. Uniqueness of color, geometric motifs, iredescent or shiny enamel, total white of half – fired clay: the decoration process contributes to the customization of the item, thanks to its visual impression.

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