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Terra del Sole | Cotto e Ceramiche di Sicilia
Terra del Sole | Cotto e Ceramiche di Sicilia
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The most representative shapes and colors of the Sicilian tradition magnified by the art of ceramics. Our creations are personalized in accordance with your personal taste. Look out for the best solution to decorate your interiors.

Creating with fired clay

Warmth and fascination of fired clay are perfectly merged with the ancient processing techniques to conceive small and large architecture masterpieces.
Tailor- made craft works to style your indoors and outdoors.

Interior architecture

Our forniture items combine tradition and design to style every kind of ambiance: fashion your home or your workplace.


Charming timeless souvenirs to celebrate your special time and your significant achievements: take a look into our gift collection for business cadeaux, weddings and ceremonies.


From a simple piece of clay to a majestic piece of artwork: the creative process takes our artisans’ hand on heart.

What clients say

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