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del Sole | Labs and experiences

Labs and experiences

Working with ceramics allows to dive into intense sensory and emotional experiences, by discovering and develop our creativity!
Terra del sole welcomes guided tours to its craft laboratories, to let everybody experience the processing of the clay.






Thanks to the guided tours for schools, students will have the possibility to handle the clay processing, both on they own or helped by our artisans. Such an experience may be useful to develop the tactile sense and the visual perception, along with the logical and hand skill, by the making of classical forms.
Furthermore, letting students work with their classmates and the artisans favors the development of team working skills and a sharing aptitude.
Last but not least, thanks to the historical insights, they will focus on the typical art and traditions of the Sicilian territory.






Cooperation and sharing are the main goals of the Team Building Activities promoted by Terra del Sole. Through some team work, participants are invited to make their own souvenir: it is helpful to value the relationship among the co-workers. After a short historical introduction to the world of pottery and its linkage with the territory, participants will be assisted by our artisans in the making of their creations.






Which better way to introduce Sicily to whom has never visited it before, if not by experiencing the handicraft?
Small groups are welcome to our factory to create their own souvenir in clay, sided by our artisans during their creative process. The secrets of the ancient techniques of the pottery art are disclosed to enhance the creativity of every participant and to make the moment unforgettable.
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